Are You really buying new tires?

 Just because a tire has never been on a car and rolled down the road doesn’t mean it’s new. Tires, like any other product, can sit in warehouses or in retailers store room for years before they are sold.  And like many products thay have a date code on them. If you know hwere to look you can be assured that the new tires you just purchased are in fact new. 

tire dating

Look on both sides of the tire, the date code is only on one side!

 You can expect a tire to have a date code withinn 18 months of your purchase date . For example, today we are installing tires with a date code of 0810 meaning they were produced the 8th week in 2010, 2410; 24th week of 2010 and 2909; 29th week of 09. These last tires were winter tires and don’t sell as quickly as all weather tires. 

One of the cars we replace all 4 tires on today was a 1998 Oldsmobile. Three of the tires had date code 4705 and one had the code B108. The 4705 meant those tires were made the 47th week but the other was made the 10th week of 1998. They were same make and model tires, all with similar wear on them.  This is a case of buying what you think are 4 new tires and getting one that’s 7 years older than the other 3. 

We sell “NEW” tires in Palos Heights il.


  1. So if they’re dated, how do you determine if the tires have “expired”? Meaning, what’s their lifespan?

    • Joe Walano says:

      I guess “expire” is a word we use for food. My point is, would you want to pay 2011 prices for a tire that was made in 2004? That tire had been sitting around for 7 years, yes it’s new and unused but it’s old. In one case I found 3 tires that were 3 years old and the fourth was 7 years old. I’m just saying be aware of what you are buying.

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